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The domain is a personal name for your online website, it start with, /.org, /.ru /.net /, /,, .netmost trusted domain extension

The list on the left shows our top ten list of the most safest and more common extensions.

with COM, .com is the most used domain extension in the world, with it standing for commercial and mostly used for businesses.
.NET is also often used, .NET is the in the top five most used extension in the world. It stands for the word “network”.
We also have the extension .BIZ which stands for business.
Not all business are meant to use this extension, therefore, any site that uses . BIZ stands for a business website. ...
The other commonly and busiest extension is .ORG, The .ORG extension represents the word “organization” and is primarily used by non-profit organizations or trade associations.
Once you have picked out the perfect domain name that suit your personal, work or business, next you choose an extension that goes with your website and next it's time to make it yours! You do that just by paying the amount required depending on your choice of extension and how much time you want your website to be hosted for.
On Frawebs, we offer domain registration and web hosting on a very low price, our web hosting is secured and unlimited according to your request and your data capacity.

We offer personal, business and big company registration and hosting.
The hosting period depends on customers request, which can be from a month to month period or yearly.
Once You own the domain, you are given a full access and control panel over you your web site, by getting an FTP (File Transfer Proto) software installed on your device, or given an online FTP account to have access to your website files.

Below is an extended list of extensions to choose from:

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